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Mineral Estates Management and Valuation

JWH Ross and Co Ltd have a long history of offering Mineral Estates Management and Valuation services. We provide specialist advice on the development and management of minerals to land owners, mineral operators, local authorities and statutory undertakers.

JWH Ross and Co Ltd have expertise as arbiters in mineral disputes and expert witness where such disputes have resulted in legal action.

We also undertake valuations in accordance with RICS (Red Book) procedures for balance sheet, lending, C.P.O. or stock exchange purposes, in respect of various operations including;

  • Mineral extraction
  • Landfill
  • Waste management, waste to energy and recycling schemes
  • Peat extraction
  • Coal Bed Methane extraction
  • Wind Farm projects

    Our services are wide ranging and encompass the following areas;
  • Arbitration of mineral-related disputes.
  • Negotiation of Partnership agreements.
  • Sale and purchase of mineral undertakings.
  • Lease and license negotiations on behalf of mineral operators and Landlords.
  • Review of rent and/or royalties.
  • Audits of mineral production and disposal.
  • Mineral Agent service to Landlords.
  • Compulsory purchase and compensation negotiations.
  • Rating returns and appeals.
  • Valuation of mineral undertakings.
  • 'Mining Code' advice and valuations.

Head Office
JWHRoss, 225 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4GZ