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Mineral Reserve Appraisal

Minerals are an important national resource, the working of which makes an essential contribution to the nation's prosperity by meeting industry need for raw materials and creating employment opportunities.

JWH Ross and Co Ltd have a long experience in the appraisal and evaluation of a wide range of mineral types including hard rock, sand and gravel, limestone, brick clay, fireclay, slate, barytes, dimension stone, coal, peat and metaliferous materials.

Our expertise has been utilised by many land and mineral owners as well as prospective mining and mineral operators and our services include;

  • Market Appraisal.
  • Identification of potential mineral prospect.
  • Research of geological memoirs, mining plans and records.
  • Negotiations for prospecting agreement and lease.
  • Consultation and negotiation with regulatory authorities.
  • Supervision of exploratory works , including drilling and trial pitting.
  • Geological interpretation and assessment.
  • Reserve assessment and valuation.

Head Office
JWHRoss, 225 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4GZ