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Mining and Mineral Stability Assessment

JWH Ross and Co Ltd hold the largest single private collection of mining records in Scotland. The firm's Archives hold more than 10,000 detailed mining plans, 75,000 mineral investigation reports and in excess of 150,000 borehole records. Our practice history began in 1838 as Mining Surveyors undertaking underground surveys and preparing mine plans on behalf of mineral owners, mineral operators and landowners.

Accordingly, our archives contain numerous 'original' mine plans, many of which pre-date legislation requiring the preparation and Submission of Abandonment Plans (1850/1872). A number of these plans contain 'unique' mining information showing workings for which no other sources exist.

Assessment of this extensive collection of mine plans, borehole records and historical mineral stability investigation reports by our experienced Mining Surveyors, often results in significant benefits to our clients through 'in-house' research of our Archives, reducing the extent of possible site investigation.

  • Preparation of Desk Study of mining position with recommendations regarding stability.
  • Interpretation, commenting and expanding on Coal Authority Reports.
  • Design and supervision of mineral borehole investigation.
  • Searching for pit shafts and mine entrances.
  • Providing advice on precautions and treatment to be undertaken to negate the effects of mineral subsidence.
  • Providing site development history.

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